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MOFA Spokesperson
Vietnam has taken active measures to prevent and respond to the A H1N1 epidemic
04-29-2009, 03:23 pm

Question: Please let us know whether Vietnam issues a ban on import of pork products as other regional countries such Indonesia, Philippines do or excersises stricter control measures of food import amid the epidemic is escalating in the North American region?

Until now, there have been no A H1N1 case reported in Vietnam. However, Vietnam has taken strong and active measures to prevent and respond to the epidemic, such as to increase quarantine control at border gates, strengthen pork import supervision, closely follow the situation in order to detect the first case and prevent the epidemic from spreading... The Vietnamese Ministry of Health has recommended the public on preventive measures. We also worked closely with the WHO, other countries and international organizations to prevent this epidemic.

At present, Vietnamese competent agencies have not made any decision to suspend the pork import.

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