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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Bui The Giang Deputy Permanent Representative of Viet Nam at the General Assembly’s Informal Meeting on System-Wide Coherence
02-04-2010, 01:09 am

Statement by

H.E. Ambassador Bui The Giang

Deputy Permanent Representative of Viet Nam

at the General Assembly’s Informal Meeting on System-Wide Coherence

New Yor, 4 February 2010



Mr. President,


          On behalf of the Vietnamese Delegation, I would like to thank you for convening this meeting to reopen the informal consultations on the issue of system-wide coherence. I thank the Secretary-General for his briefing and his committed efforts aimed at bringing about improvements throughout the system from the Headquarters and the Secretariat down to field offices. I further thank the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General Asha Rose Migiro for the two reports presented in conformity with General Assembly Resolution 63/311. I would also like to congratulate distinguished Ambassadors Tiina Intelmann of Estonia and Ghazi Jomaa of Tunisia on their appointment as co-facilitators on this important issue. I am confident that under their able stewardship our consultations will come to fruition.


Mr. President, 


          My Delegation aligns itself with the statement delivered earlier by the Joint Coordinating Committee of  the Non-Aligned  Movement and the Group of 77 and China.


          With regard to the subject item, as the Secretary-General’s reports require more throrough study, my Delegation will certainly make concrete comments during the course of our discussions on each of the issues at a later stage. In today’s meeting, I would like to briefly emphasize the following three points.


First, I wish to reiterate my Delegation’s high appreciation of the executive summary presented to Member States by the former Co-Chairs on 19 June last year, which included suggestions on a possible way forward regarding many major issues of our common concern, among them the strengthening of the institutional arrangement for support of gender equality, governance of operational activities for development, and the funding system. I believe that these suggestions, taken together with the proposals and recommendations presented by the Secretary-General in his reports in which we find a meaningful convergence, will serve as a very good basis for our continued discussions to move ahead during this General Assembly session.


Second, my Delegation is strongly convinced that for our renewed endeavors to result in concrete consensual results we need to ensure a greater level of transparency, openness, inclusiveness and interaction as well as an integrated approach in our collective work. And this is only possible when conducted in a constructive and forward-looking manner throughout the course of consultations among the membership.


Third, we reaffirm our support to the establishment of a composite entity to take charge of the existing mandates entrusted to the four entities on gender issues within the UN system. In the same spirit, we reiterate our support to the common endeavor aimed at enhancing the functioning and improving the effectiveness of the existing governing bodies for greater system-wide coherence in the governance of the operational activities for development.


          Finally, Mr. President, my Delegation pledges to proactively and constructively engage in all issues related to system-wide coherence, and work actively with all other delegations towards consensus on this important issue, thus improving not only the coherence of the whole UN system but also the efficiency and effectiveness of all UN operational activities for development. In this connection, we further pledge to do our utmost to ensure the successful organization and conclusion of the Hanoi Conference in June this year.


          I thank you, Mr. President./.        



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