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Viet Nam & UN
04-16-2010, 12:11 am


I thank H.E. Ambassador Tiina Intelmann of Estonia and H.E. Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa of Tunisia as Co-Facilitators on System-wide Coherence for convening this important meeting and for their efforts and stewardship in guiding the process on system-wide coherence forward and through a series of open and transparent intergovernmental consultations among the Member States. We also thank the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General for their reports and briefings which are necessary to facilitate our discussions. My Delegation aligns itself with the statement made earlier by H.E. Ambassador Abdelaziz of Egypt on behalf of the JCC of the G-77 and China and NAM, and wishes to emphasize as preliminary thoughts the following general points:

1. We share the Co-Facilitators’ view that the draft text of the resolution provides a good basis for negotiations, particularly given the need for the text to be concise and focused. We at the same time, wish to see a better reflection in the text of the rich positions which have been expressly demonstrated by the Member States thoughout the process so far.

2. We concur with the need to accelerate the negotiation process towards an early finalization and adoption of the resolution. At the same time, we wish to underline the need to avoid an artificial imposed timeline, hence the flexibility imperative to ensure the highest possible quality of discussions.

3. We reiterate Viet Nam’s support for the establishment of a composite gender entity headed by an Under Secretary-General that covers the mandates of the currently existing four entities, subject to an intergovernmental negotiation process. As we envisage it, such entity and the conduct of its work should not only lead to the enhancement of coordination, coherence, accountability and capacity of the UN system to better respond to the needs of Member States, especially developing countries, but also to greater effectiveness and efficiency in its both normative and operative functions related to all gender issues. To this end, it is necessary that the entity’s organizational and personnel structure is based on equitable geographical representation and gender balance, in particular that the composition of the Executive Board reflects the geographical distribution of the United Nations. As a composite, the entity will perform the functions of both a Fund and Programme as well as a Department to service the intergovernmental processes. We stress the importance of differentiating between the governance, funding and administration of these two different aspect.

          4. As the number of countries voluntarily embarking on Delivering as One approach is increasing and attracting interests from both donor and recipient countries, and given the potential practical contribution of this approach to  strengthening the coherence, effectiveness and relevance of the UN development system, we believe that continued support for this approach is needed. In this connection, the programme country pilot-led evaluation of the implementation of this approach will bring value to our discussions, thus helping to improve all aspects of the UN development activities at country level.

          5. As regards the issue of funding, my Delegation wishes to highlight the necessity to ensure both the adequacy and quality of funding on the one hand and the predictability of resources on the other. At the same time, we believe improved monitoring and reporting on funding, including funding trends, should be put in place.


To conclude, let me express my Delegation’s conviction that with the active engagement in an open, transparent,  and constructive manner of all Member States, we can achieve a consensual resolution on all aspects of System-Wide Coherence which will enhance coordination, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency in the functioning of the entire UN system as well as its responsiveness to the needs of all member countries.

          I thank you, Co-Facilitators.

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