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Statement by H.E. Nguyen Minh Triet, President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, at the High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals
10-09-2010, 03:18 pm

Statement by H.E. Nguyen Minh Triet
President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
at the High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals

(New York, United States, 20 September 2010)

    Excellencies Co-Chairs,
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

     The Millennium Development Goals represent the strongest commitments of all UN members to equitable development, which lays solid foundation for international peace, security and enhanced multilateral cooperation.

     We are pleased to see the positive results recorded, which have helped improve  the lives of hundreds of millions of people, including those in the poorest countries. Women and children have received better care and been able to benefit more.
The most valuable lesson drawn is that the implementation of the MDGs must be placed at the heart of international cooperation and of development strategies of developing countries. Only by so doing can the international community mobilize the required resources via new policies and measures both at national and international levels.

     We are glad to inform you that Viet Nam has achieved a number of MDGs ahead of schedule, and is on track to attain the remaining goals by 2015. Viet Nam’s encouraging achievements, particularly in poverty reduction, universal primary education, promotion of gender equality, reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health, and control of malaria and other pandemics,  have won the recognition from the UN, international organizations and Member States. Viet Nam fulfills its commitments by localizing the MDGs and mainstreaming them into strategies, plans and development programmes at all levels and by promoting the participation of the people. The progress made also emanates from Viet Nam’s all-rounded reforms and the effective support from the international community.


    Despite these encouraging accomplishments, Viet Nam is faced with a range of difficulties. The country’s infrastructure is still under-developed and the living-standards of the people remain low, particularly amongst communities residing in remote and mountainous regions and areas devastated by the war as well as victims of agent orange/dioxin.

Viet Nam shares the common concern about the fact that over one billion people are still living in poverty, about the uneven progress made between goals and among countries as well as the possibility that most regions will not achieve many Goals without further strong measures. This unfortunate situation is deeply rooted in unfair international economic relations, where developing countries are forced into disadvantageous position, and in defects in national development policies. On top of that, the past ten years’ implementation of the MDGs has been negatively affected by increased unilateralism and use of force, war and tensions in parts of the world, and most recently, the global economic and financial crises coupled with the volatility of energy and food security and the impacts of climate change.

    Viet Nam supports the overall solutions and the specific measures for each goal as defined in the Action Agenda to be adopted by this Meeting. In addition, the Vietnamese delegation wishes to underline the followings:

    First, peace and stability are the prerequisites for development. Therefore, it is our common responsibility to support peaceful settlement of international disputes, actively seek fair solutions to conflicts, facilitate peaceful and friendly relations among nations and resolutely oppose war and the use of force.

    Second, continue to expand cooperation and create favourable international conditions to assist developing countries in policy making and in strengthening management capacity. In this connection, developed countries should deliver on their obligations and commitments, including the maintenance of macroeconomic stability, contribution to the successful conclusion of the Doha round, elimination of unfair trade measures, and increase of development assistance. Viet Nam strongly calls for an end to the economic embargo against Cuba. Within its capacity, Viet Nam has in recent years expanded South-South cooperation with countries in Southeast Asia and other regions.

    Third, to implement the measures set out by our Meeting, we should early develop international and national implementation programmes to sustain progress, accomplish all MDGs in all regions, and even strive for higher goals.

    The past ten years have shown us the significance and feasibility of the MDGs and brought us rich experience. We now are presented with new opportunities, including full recognition of the importance of multilateral cooperation with the United Nations at the centre. On that basis and with determination, creativity and cooperation, I am confident that we will make new progress in our joint efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

    Thank you. /.


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