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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative of Viet Nam, at the meeting of the Group of Friends of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
09-25-2010, 10:25 am


by H.E. Ambassador Bui The Giang

Deputy Permanent Representative
of Viet Nam
at the meeting of the Group of Friends
 of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

(New York, 24 September 2010)


President Sampaio,

Thank you for giving me the floor.

Mr. President,

We have closely followed the Alliance’s developments for the past 5 years since its establishment. We value the efforts of the Secretary-General, the High Representative, and all members of the Group of Friends in facilitating dialogue among groups, fostering networks and partnerships with all stakeholders towards the objectives of the Alliance. We have also taken note of the overarching similarity in the approach to civilization between Viet Nam and the Alliance. We are thus thankful to the Alliance for admitting Viet Nam into the organization. We believe there is no better timing for Viet Nam to become a member of the Alliance during these days for several reasons.

First, throughout our long history, we have successfully resisted many attempts by certain forces to sow divisions among our population, and we therefore understand the huge cost of cultural clash, ethnic strife and religious conflict if and when allowed to break out.

Second, Alliance membership will bring us ample opportunities to learn from the cultural riches of other peoples, share with them lessons we have collected from our own process of national formation and development, and work together for harmony and cooperation which represent a key guarantee for peace, stability, and sustainable development.

Third, with many multinational entities emerging today, the United Nations can and should serve as a credible channel for constructive dialogue, a key mediator for solutions to tension and conflict, and a principal peace builder. This is why we co-sponsored GA Resolution A/Res/64/14 on Alliance of Civilizations in anticipation of our membership of the organization.

Mr. President,

Viet Nam commits itself to promoting dialogue among cultures, religions and civilizations for peace, cooperation and development, towards this motto “Many cultures. One humanity.” In this connection, we look forward to the effective cooperation from and with all other members of the Alliance.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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