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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative of Viet Nam, at the 2nd Committee General Debate
10-06-2010, 10:37 am







New York, 05 October 2010


Madam Chair,

At the outset, let me on behalf of the Vietnamese Delegation congratulate you on your election as Chairperson of the 2nd Committee. Let me also extend my Delegation’s congratulations to other members of the Bureau. I am convinced that your experience, expertise and wisdom will help ensure successful implementation of the high responsibility of your office and productive conclusion of the work of the Committee. My Delegation is grateful to H.E. Ambassador Park In-Kook of the Republic of Korea for his excellent chairmanship over the work of the 2nd Committee throughout the past year.

My Delegation associates itself with the statements made earlier by the distinguished representatives of Yemen on behalf of the Group of 77 and China and of Indonesia on behalf of ASEAN.


Madam Chair,

As we are attending this General Debate of our Committee, we enjoy a huge advantage resulted from the 3-day High-level Plenary Meeting on MDGs which concluded just 2 weeks ago. The event, attended by top leaders of all our countries, has endowed us with a comprehensive evaluation of the world economy, which contains particularly the recognition that progress, including on poverty eradication, is being made despite setbacks, including setbacks caused by the economic and financial crisis, that however the number of people living in extreme poverty and hunger has now surpassed the 1 billion mark, and that the economic and financial crisis has reversed development gains in many developing countries and threatens to seriously undermine the achievement of the MDGs by 2015. The Meeting has also provided us with important lessons as it reviewed policies and approaches practiced regarding the implementation and achievement of the MDGs. More importantly, the Meeting has charted “The way forward: an action agenda for achieving the MDGs by 2015”, which is essential in helping us navigate through the next 5 challenging years and beyond. My Delegation is especially grateful to our Leaders for emphasizing at the Meeting that “promoting sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth is necessary for accelerating progress towards achieving the MDGs, as well as for promoting sustainable development, but it is not sufficient: growth should enable everyone, in particular the poor, to participate in and benefit from economic opportunities and should lead to job creation and income opportunities and be complemented by effective social policies.”

From our perspective as a developing country, while totally agreeable with the necessity and urgency to find concrete ways and means at the national level to enable countries, developing countries in the first place, to minimize the suffering of the poor and most vulnerable as well as to overcome obstacles in their endeavor to achieve internationally agreed development goals, including the MDGs, we wish to highlight the following points:

First, resources for development agendas should be adequate and available. Developed countries should do more to honor their commitments to assist developing countries through inter alias increasing ODA, promoting trade, rescheduling debt, transferring technology, promoting financial flows and facilitating participation of developing countries in the international financial architecture with a view to enforcing MDGs accomplishment, poverty alleviation, green environment, and sustainable and greener development.

Second, concrete, feasible, coordinated and effective strategies, programs and plans at national and international levels should be acknowledged and undertaken seriously. Developing countries should strengthen ownership, enhance capacity, and improve governance efficiency and performance in economic and financial operations, including more efficient use of the increasingly scarce resources.

Third, frameworks of fruitful international cooperation and collaboration free from conditionality in all socio-economic fields and at all levels should be consolidated and strengthened on the basis of mutual interest, mutual respect and accountability. Global partnerships for development need to be supportive of national development priorities. The North-South, North-South-South and South-South cooperation should be promoted and enhanced.

Fourth, as a pool of necessary resources and with their geographic, historical and cultural proximity, regional organizations’ role should be duly recognized, and their appropriate participation in addressing many regional socio-economic issues be mobilized.

Fifth, the United Nations should be the centerpiece of development agenda operations and multilateral mechanisms. Its role should be strengthened so as to generate feasible development solutions and programs, and to tap the required resources needed to ensure the implementation of related solutions, programs and policies in a well coordinated, coherent and effective manner.  The Organization should also play a fundamental role in reforming the global governance structure and in the global response mechanism to global challenges.

Madam Chair,

The Government and people of Viet Nam have always attached importance to MDGs achievement and in fact made every effort to implement related action plans as well as to promote inclusive economic recovery and build a healthy national financial system. The Government has adopted a wide range of economic policies and measures aimed at curbing the economic slowdown, stimulating growth, and promoting social security and equity as well as sustainable development. As a result, for the first 9 months of this year, we have managed to keep inflation under control at 5.08%, increase export turnover by 23.2%, and increase industrial output by 13.8%. Our GDP growth rate in the 3rd quarter of this year has reached 7.16%. Similarly significant, the acreage of newly planted forests has increased by 4.1%, more than 300,000 jobs were created in the first half of the year, and the number of foreign visitors coming to Viet Nam in the first 8 months went up by 35.3%.

That said, Viet Nam is still facing a lot of challenges, ranging from how to enhance its capacity to sustain economic growth and development, improve efficiency of the economy, and narrow down development gaps, to the imperative need to ensure a clean and green environment for development, and mitigate and adapt with climate change, etc. In an effort to successfully surmount these challenges, we highly value the cooperation with and assistance from all members of the international community. In the same vein, my Delegation pledges to work closely with Madam Chair, other Board members and all other Delegations with a view to coming up with effective solutions to the common issues on the global development agenda entrusted to our Committee.


I thank you, Madam Chair.




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