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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Permanent Representative of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam at the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly Agenda Item 126: Interaction between the United Nations, national parliaments and the In
05-19-2014, 10:34 am




At the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Agenda Item 126: Interaction between the United Nations, national parliaments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union

New York, May 19th, 2014

Madam President,

It is my honour to speak in this plenary meeting today under agenda item 126 on the “Interaction between the United Nations, national parliaments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union”.

Madam President,

The IPU and the United Nations share a common vision – a vision of peace, security, cooperation and development. The primary purpose of the UN, as enshrined in its Charter, is to maintain international peace and security. Similarly, the IPU was first established to promote the concepts of peace and international arbitration. The IPU focuses on fostering dialogue and co-operation, considering issues of international interest and promoting human rights which are also the main areas of work of the UN.

Viet Nam welcomes the support by the IPU and its member parliaments for the United Nations, which has enhanced the UN’s stature and effectiveness not only in the international arena but also at the national level. In this connection, we applaud the IPU’s efforts in promoting the implementation of the MDGs, especially those on women’s empowerment, reducing child mortality and combating HIV/AIDS, as highlighted in the Secretary-General’s Report A/68/827. We also commend the IPU’s continued commitment to supply the UN with data on women in politics in order to track progress of the MDG 3 on gender equality and empowerment of women, and its engagement in the relevant processes to devise the post-2015 development agenda.

Madam President,

The National Assembly of Viet Nam is the supreme organ of state power representing the will and aspirations of our citizens. Through its powers in Constitution-making, law-making, oversight and deciding important matters of the country, the National Assembly of Viet Nam plays an important leadership role in the country’s endeavours for peace, stability and development. The National Assembly has also been instrumental in the implementation of important international commitments, especially in the maintenance of peace and security, sustainable development and the protection and promotion of human rights.

As an active, constructive and responsible member of the IPU for the past 35 years, the National Assembly of Viet Nam has been working closely with the IPU in realizing the Union’s aspirations, principles and objectives, and has continuously expanded friendly relations with other parliaments and peoples around the world. It is with this commitment that Viet Nam is proud to host the 132nd IPU Assembly in Ha Noi in March 2015 with the theme “Parliament and the implementation of sustainable development goals beyond 2015”.

We strongly believe that parliaments have a crucial role to play in the implementation of sustainable development goals and the overall post-2015 development agenda through its powers in legislation-making, budget approval and monitoring of development commitments. We also believe that the inputs from parliamentarians will be important elements complementing the overall UN process.

The complicated situations and tensions in various parts of the world today, including the on-going tensions on the Eastern Sea in South East Asia underline the immense, overriding importance of preserving peace which is a sine qua non for all peaceful endeavours.  This requires continued, determined promotion of and constant attention to the fundamental principles of international law, including those related to respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty of States, non threat or use of force and peaceful settlement of international disputes in accordance with the United Nations Charter and international law which includes the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Lastly, Madam President, I take this opportunity to thank the IPU for its hard work and efforts to strengthen the important interactions with the UN. I also wish to thank the Delegation of Morocco for introducing and facilitating draft resolution A/68/L.44, which we strongly support and are very pleased to co-sponsor.

I thank you Madam President./.

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