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Remarks by Mr. Dang Minh Khoi, Assistant Foreign Minister, Director General of Northeast Asia Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the International Press Conference 17 May, 2014
05-20-2014, 06:54 am




 17 MAY, 2014


On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to make a briefing as follows:

As you all know, the Vietnamese people across the country have recently manifested their patriotism and opposition to China’s illegal deployment of oil rig HD-981 in the Vietnamese waters. Taking advantage of the situation, some people with ill intention in localities such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ha Tinh provinces have conducted extreme actions which violated the Vietnamese law such as smashing buildings, factories, workshops and equipments, including production facilities of foreign investors, threatening the safety of life and property of foreign individuals and enterprises, as well as acting against on-duty officials. The incident was very serious, adversely affecting production and business activities of enterprises, the people’s daily life and public order, the image and investment climate of Viet Nam.

Shortly after the incident, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung convened many meetings with relevant ministries, agencies and localities, and gave direct instructions to handle the incident. To date, the Prime Minister has issued 4 Directives requesting ministries, agencies and localities to take concrete and drastic measures to fully handle the incident. Right in the morning of May 17th, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Public Security, the authorities and leaders of provinces and cities to implement synchronous measures to firmly maintain public order and security as follows:

- The Prime Minister requests leaders of ministries, agencies and provinces and cities to continue implementing synchronous solutions, resolutely prevent unlawful demonstrations and strictly handle those who conducted acts of propaganda and instigation of violence.

Communicate and persuade the people not to engage in unlawful demonstrations, assist each other in production and business development, improve livelihood, maintain public order and safety, and make practical contribution to safeguarding the sacred sovereignty of the Vietnamese Motherland.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Ministries, leaders of provinces and cities inform diplomatic missions, international organizations and foreign investors the following message: The Vietnamese Government and provincial authorities are determined to take all necessary measures in accordance with Viet Nam’s law and international commitments to ensure absolute security and safety for foreign institutions, enterprises and foreigners in Viet Nam.

Leaders of related ministries, agencies and localities have directly paid visits to the sites, talked to the damaged foreign enterprises, foreign and Vietnamese workers and exchanged views on measures of recovery. The Vietnamese authorities have detained hundreds of law-breakers, are conducting investigations to find out the mastermind, who will be handled appropriately and strictly in accordance with the Vietnamese law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has maintained close contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies of relevant countries and territories, timely informed the situation and coordinated to properly resolve the incident. To date, The Vietnamese Minister of Foreign Affairs has had telephone conversations with the Foreign Ministers of China and Singapore; Vietnamese and Chinese Ministers of Public Security also exchanged telephone calls and discussed specific issues. The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made frequent and close contacts with diplomatic missions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to address issues relating to citizens protection, travel facilitation, protection of property, life and legitimate interests of foreign individuals and enterprises in Viet Nam.

It can be said that thanks to the drastic, proactive intervention and high determination of the Vietnamese Government, Ministries, agencies and localities, the situation in provinces where the incident occurred has been stabilized and under absolute control. The safety, life and property of foreigners are guaranteed. Almost all Vietnamese and foreign enterprises have returned to normal production and business. I would like to take this opportunity to underline some key points as follows:

(1) The Government and people of Viet Nam are determined to defend our sovereignty and legitimate interests, resolutely struggle to demand China withdraw oil rig HD-981 from the Vietnamese waters; concurrently exhaust all efforts to maintain a peaceful and stable environment for development.

(2) The Government of Viet Nam will continue to take every effective measure to ensure absolute security and safety for foreign institutions, enterprises and foreigners who are doing business, living, studying and traveling in Viet Nam .

(3) The Government of Viet Nam will not allow any act of sabotage targeting foreign enterprises and staff, and will strictly handle violations, punish the troublemakers, and ensure that such regrettable incidents will not reoccur.

(4) We urge the Governments of other countries to encourage their enterprises, experts and workers to stay assured, continue their business and investment in Viet Nam, cooperate with Vietnamese functional agencies and local authorities to address the consequences of the incident, and resume normal business, production and investment activities in Viet Nam. Viet Nam will implement appropriate and necessary measures and policies to assist the affected enterprises.

These are the clear and consistent viewpoints of the Vietnamese Government. It is our desire that the international community, the domestic and international public  clearly understand the nature of the incident as well as the specific policies and measures implemented by Viet Nam. Representatives of Ministries, agencies and localities present here today stand ready to make further briefings and answer your questions in a candid and open manner./.

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