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Viet Nam & UN
Viet Nam at the Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security
10-25-2016, 08:26 pm

Mr. President,

Viet Nam commends the Russian Presidency for convening this open debate, giving member states an opportunity to continue deliberation on the women, peace, and security agenda. I thank the Secretary-General for his comprehensive report and the Executive Director of UN Women for their briefings and insights.

Viet Nam associates itself with the statement delivered earlier by the distinguished representative of Thailand on behalf of ASEAN.

Mr. President,

Viet Nam welcomes the progress made in the implementation of the women, peace and security agenda, as highlighted in the Secretary-General’s report. We particularly applaud the increased participation of women and inclusion of gender perspective in all areas, from conflict prevention to peacebuilding, peace processes to reconstruction efforts.

Viet Nam is also pleased to see the added impetus that last year’s high-level review has provided for the implementation of commitments in the women, peace and security agenda. Viet Nam believes that implementation lies first and foremost with states, but real success can only be assured by partnerships, especially with a better coordinated and well-resourced United Nations.

Yet, Viet Nam remains gravely concerned at the continuing violence targeted at women and girls, especially those displaced by conflicts. Viet Nam condemns all acts of violence and abuse against women and girls. We call for strengthened efforts by the United Nations and member states in responding to this issue. We urge the United Nations to strictly implement its zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse.

Mr. President,

Peace can only be sustained if conflicts can be prevented and addressed at their roots. Viet Nam welcomes a stronger focus on conflict prevention, including peaceful dispute settlement and preventive diplomacy. Efforts should also focus on the socio-economic development, post-conflict peacebuilding, recovery, and reconstruction, as affirmed in Resolution 1889, introduced by Viet Nam and unanimously adopted by the Security Council in 2009.

On its part, Viet Nam fully recognizes the crucial role of women in conflict prevention and settlement, state-building, sustaining peace, and socio-economic development. For centuries, Vietnamese women not only fought valiantly for the country’s freedom and independence but also worked hard and contributed significantly to the recovery and development of the country towards stability, sustainable development, and international integration. Today, as part of our commitment to United Nations peacekeeping, Vietnamese women officers are taking part in training and making necessary preparations to be deployed in the near future in UN peacekeeping missions.

I thank you, Mr. President./.

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