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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, Permanent Representative of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam at the Third Committee of the 71st Session of the General Assembly Agenda Item 69 (b, c) – Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
10-31-2016, 02:27 pm

Madam Chair,

My delegation aligns itself with the statement delivered by the distinguished representative of Indonesia on behalf of ASEAN.

Madam Chair,

Promoting and protecting human rights are one of the core purposes of the United Nations. This is essential to achieving our goal of ensuring “social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom”, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

In this important quest, we are guided by a robust international legal framework. Last September, we commemorated 30 years of the Declaration on the Right to Development. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

These documents emphasize that human rights, including the right to development, are universal, indivisible, interrelated and applicable to all. They are the foundations that enable dialogues and cooperation among states while acknowledging the diversity of historical, social, cultural and development backgrounds. They have inspired us in our endeavors to provide opportunities for all so every man and woman, girl and boy, can live up to their full potentials.

It is evident, however, that much remains to be done. Billions of people are still deprived of even their most basic rights to food, health or education. Millions of people are affected by persisting armed conflicts, rising violent extremism and humanitarian crises. Human rights issues, in some instances, are hindering dialogue and cooperation.

It is, therefore, vital to recognize that human rights, be they civil and political, economic, social and cultural or right to development, must all be treated as equal, and as such one right or group of rights must not have primacy over others. The right to development, for instance, should not be delegated to a “second class” human right.

While promoting and protecting human rights, we must respect the sovereign rights of states, as well as their historical, social, cultural and development circumstances, enhance mutual understanding, trust, dialogue, and cooperation.

Vietnam's position on human rights, Madam Chair, has always been following this line. During its three years in the Human Rights Council, Viet Nam has upheld the principles of objectivity, transparency, constructiveness and equal treatment to all.

At the national level, Viet Nam has done its best to preserve an environment of peace, stability, promote sustainable development, to safeguard the full enjoyment of human rights for our people. We place the people at the center of development and have further strengthened our legal system, policies, and institutions by mainstreaming the two Covenants and other human rights treaties to which Viet Nam is a party.

Viet Nam appreciates the role and contribution of the Universal Periodic Review. We have already presented two national reports and undertaken the Master Plan to implement all accepted recommendations.

As for any other country, Viet Nam still faces challenges in the promotion and protection of human rights. One such challenge is the impacts of climate change. Viet Nam was severely affected by the unprecedented droughts and salinization a few months ago, and by deadly floods just recently. More frequent natural disasters hinder our people’s right to food, health, education and adequate housing. We call for and appreciate assistance to help us address this challenge.

To conclude, Madam Chair, my delegation reiterates our commitment to joint global efforts and actions to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights for all.

I thank you Madam Chair./.

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